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See You on The River!


Kayak Huasteca pronounced (wa-steak-a)   is the first kayak school in the Huasteca Region of Mexico.​


We chose this location for its unmatched beauty and quality of whitewater.  The Huasteca offers class 2-5 rapids as well as spectacular waterfalls that can be descended in a Kayak!


We specialize in a NO STRESS paddling environement on the river!  There is no EGO on the river, only good times and good friends.  With safety first!


Our Team is highly trained in River Rescue, River Safety,Kayak Safety,  Ropes, Rafting and Stand up Paddling.  We are bilingual and have been in the region for over 10 years!


Here at Kayak Huasteca we LOVE food!  When staying with us we will get you to the absolute best restaurants in the region.  Gastronomy in Mexico is an experience in and of itself!  Food is prepared differently in each town and variety is the Spice of Life!



Welcome to Mexico!


Click Here to see the TEAM!


Rio Sta maria
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